Agile Services turns four!

Time flies when you love what you do! All April, the Agile Services team is celebrating four years of delivering the best solutions and outcomes for our clients.

Our passion for finding the best person, workforce and solution for the job at hand has seen us go from strength to strength. Coupled with an eye for detail and insistence on personalised service, we hope to be delivering the best results for our clients for many years to come.

We couldn’t have achieved everything we have over the last four years without a huge effort from our amazing team, who give it their all each day to help us grow and better serve our clients.

An interview with Justin Bugg

We sat down with Agile Services’ longest serving employee, Justin Bugg (Systems, People and Culture Manager) to gain some more insight into how far we’ve come, and what we’ve achieved so far.

Take it away, Justin!

Journey to Agile Services

Before joining Agile Services, Justin already had a wealth of experience behind him, with over 17 years’ in corporate recruitment and telecommunications.

“I’m a systems and process person,” says Justin. Once Agile founders Jed, Danny and Carl saw Justin’s passion for organisation and processes, they knew his skills could also be applied to traffic management.

Starting with Agile

Despite all his experience, Justin still had a lot to learn. “I spent three-months educating myself on the nuances of traffic management. I downloaded resources from the VicRoads website and took the time to undertake traffic management training.”

Justin’s dedication to his new position was clear. It saw him put together a 400-page dossier of information to VicRoads to get pre-qualified. “I remember in October 2015 I got a phone call from VicRoads saying it was one of the best submissions they’ve ever had!”

Working the Agile way

Not satisfied sitting on his laurels, Justin decided it was time to change gears.

“I’d spent two years building the business. But when I got back from Christmas holidays that following year, I decided I needed a change,” he says.

Justin developed new skills to become Systems, People and Culture Manager in 2018. A year later, he’s thrived in the role, managing people, systems and processes, accreditations and recruitment – all while closely liaising with VicRoads.

What’s great about working at Agile?  

Justin is a big part of Agile Services’ success, and it shows: “It’s been fantastic working at Agile. I really feel like our destiny has been in our own hands. I’ve also loved being part of something I’ve helped to create. At Agile, if something isn’t working you can change it – we have the freedom and flexibility to be reactive like that. We’re not bogged down or buried under a big structure: if it’s not working, we fix it.”

Growing with Agile Services 

In the last 12 months, Agile Services has doubled in size. “Sticking at it when times were tough has been key to our success. Once we won our first major client and became their preferred traffic management provider, we knew our months of hard work had paid off.”

Justin also continues to grow with Agile Services, “My greatest achievement came last September when I was able to sit down and complete our own ISO certifications, including the environmental standards.

It was complicated, and took me a while to get my head around it. Despite the pressure leading into that, I was able to make sure we made it happen,” he says.

What does the future hold for Justin, and Agile?

Staying true to the Agile Services way of working, Justin is looking to the future, “You achieve something big in a business, and you think ‘what’s next?’ There’s always challenges, but we’re going to stay focused on the positives and continue being the best at what we do,” Justin says.

The entire Agile Services team is proud of what we’ve achieved in four short years. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! To learn more about what Justin and the team can do for you, get in touch today.