The story of Agile Services

The Agile Services story is your story, and Carl, Danny and Jed, combined with the rest of the Agile team, are extremely thankful to their network (clients, colleagues, friends and family) for contributing to the business’ success. Want to know more about what they’ve been up to recently and their vision for the future? Read on.


It’s often said, necessity is the mother of invention. This is certainly true when considering the catalyst for recruitment, traffic management and insurance company, Agile Services.

Why Agile? “Our ability to provide flexibility, and to turn things around quickly – nothing’s ever too hard,” says Danny.

The beginning

Founders Carl Norton, Danny Nalder and Jed Nalder, long-time friends, started Agile Services in 2015 purely because they’d lamented the lack of expertise within the labour hire industry.

Having co-founded and operated their own business before, Carl and Jed had seen first-hand the frustrations businesses encountered concerning both the cost and difficulties of finding skilled (and unskilled) labour. Enter Danny; with years of recruitment experience in both blue and white-collar environments, he was the perfect match for Carl and Jed’s  business acumen. And right from day one they knew they were onto something.

Vision and opportunity – the Agile way

The need for an expert recruitment service in the construction and telecommunications industries was the fuel that drove their vision: to help organisations succeed as effectively as possible by finding the right people for the job and delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients.

From early on, one thing kept popping up again and again: no one offered their own in-house traffic management service. There was a real gap in the market, because every business would outsource. And often this would mean the wrong people for the job, delays, and higher costs. Wanting to help their clients solve a real – and common – problem, they seized the opportunity. Thus, Agile’s traffic management offering was created. They had now become a real one-stop shop for skilled and unskilled labour.

The addition of this extra service offering and growth within their team saw them outgrow their original surroundings in outer-suburban Campbellfield, so the move to a more central hub in Richmond had to happen.

Growth and the future

For Carl, Danny and Jed, setting the business up for success means expanding their own team and capabilities, and creating an environment where people feel supported and encouraged to grow. In other words, enabling the business to “run itself.”

Where to from here? 2018 has seen the latest service offering for Agile come to fruition – and in some ways, it has seen the continuation of the ‘family business’. That is, the offering of truly personalised insurance packages. Les Norton (Carl’s father) has decades of experience providing tailored insurance packages to his clients, friends and family members alike. And unlike most major insurance providers, ensuring their clients are well taken care of is central to Agile’s insurance offering. The Agile team is dedicated to delivering a personalised service, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all their clients.


The team at Agile Services can’t wait to partner with you to solve your recruitment, traffic management or insurance problems. To learn more about Agile Services, our team and our expert services, get in touch today.